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Australia's first Prime Minister was elected in Peace
not chosen by winning a war as in most countries


Edmund Barton 1901 to 24/9/1903
John Watson 1903-1904
George Reid 1904-1905

Alfred Deakin

5/7/1905 to 13/11/1908

Andrew Fisher

13/11/1908 to 2/6/1909

Alfred Deakin

2/6/1909 to 29/4/1910

Andrew Fisher

29/4/1910 to 24/6/1913

Joseph Cook

24/6/1913 to 17/9/1914

Andrew Fisher

17/9/1914 to 27/10/1915

William Hughes

27/10/1915 to 9/2/1923

Stanley Bruce

9/2/1923 to 22/10/1929

James Scullin

22/10/1929 to 6/1/1932

Joseph Lyons

6/1/1932 to 7/4/1939

Earle Page

7/4/1939 to 26/4/1939

Robert Menzies

26/4/1939 to 29/8/1941

Arthur Fadden

29/8/1941 to 7/10/41

John Curtin

7/10/1941 to 6/7/1945

Francis Forde

6/7/1945 to 13/7/1945

Ben Chifley

13/7/1945 to 19/12/1949

Robert Menzies

19/12/1949 to 26/1/1966

Harold Holt

26/1/1966 to 17/12/1967

John McEwan

18/12/1967 to 10/1/1968

John Gorton

10/1/1968 to 10/3/1971

William McMahon

10/3/1971 to 5/12/1972

Gough Whitlam

5/12/1972 to 11/11/1975

Malcolm Fraser

11/11/1975 to 11/3/1983

Bob Hawke

11/3/1983 to 20/12/1991

Paul Keating

20/12/1991 to 2/3/1996

John Howard

2/3/1996 to present

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