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Sir Donald Bradman
1908 - 


Sir Donald Bradman has been touted the greatest batsman in the history of cricket. He retired from the game in 1948 with many of his records and standards not being equalled yet.

Born in Cootamundra (NSW), he spent his childhood in Bowral (NSW). At 12 years of age he was already scoring centuries for his local cricket team giving him the title of Child Cricket Prodigy.

In 1926-27 he was playing for St George district club in Sydney, then made the NSW First Team in 1927-28. 

He ended his first season with a total of 416 runs with 10 innings then went on to score more than 1000 runs in each of the next nine Australian seasons.

Sir Bradman faced the English for the first time in 1928-29 at the Sydney Cricket Ground. He scored well enough to make the first Test, but the NSW team was thrashed by England. It has been said that Sir Bradman didn't play at his best during that test - but I believe it takes a whole team to win or lose a match.

He was recalled for the Third Test in which he scored 112 runs becoming the youngest player to score a century in the Test match.

When England bought the "bodyline attack" to Australia, Sir Bradman did not play in the First Test due to ill health. In the second Test he was out for a duck in the first innings, but redeemed himself in the second with 103 not out.

Sir Bradmans career ended in 1948 while captaining the Australian Tour of England. The Australians were undefeated during this tour. 

During his Cricket career he scored 117 centuries in first class cricket and played in 52 Test matches - 24 of which were as Captain.

In 1949 Sir Bradman was the first Australian knighted for cricket and spent many years after involved in the sport.  He was a member of the Australian Board of Control for International Cricket in 1960-63, then its Chairman in 1969-72.

He was also a fully qualified Cricket umpire. During his retirement from the game he wrote 4 books about cricket - The Art of Cricket, My Life Story, How to Play Cricket and Farewell to Cricket.

There is a Museum of Bradman Memorabilia in Bowral NSW.


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