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~ A Role Call ~




~ Official Party ~

Arthur Phillip, RN (Captain)
John Hunter, RN (Captain)
William Bradley (First Lieutenant)
George William Maxwell (Lieutenant)
Philip Gidley King (2nd Lieutenant)
Henry Hacking (Quarter Master)
John Palmer (Purser)
George Bouchier Worgan (Surgeon)
Thomas Jamison (Surgeons Mate)
Henry Edward Dodd (Agriculturalist)
Bernard DeMaliez (Servant)
Thomas Freeman (Clerk)
David Walker (Clerk)
John Davis (Coxswain)
Henry Hone (Coxswain)
Andrew Miller (Commissary)
Charles Prater (Servant)
Daniel Butler (ships boy)


~ Midshipmen ~

Henry Brewer
Stephen Donovan
James Ferguson
John William Harris
Francis Hill (Masters Mate)
Mr and Mrs Holt
Irwin Ormsby
Newton Powell
George Raper
John Shortland Jnr
William Henry Waterhouse


~ Marines ~

James Angell (Private)
Samuel Bacon (Corporal)
Jane Bacon (Wife)
Elizabeth Bacon (Child)

John Batchelor (Private)
John Bates (Private)
Thomas Bishop (Private)
William Cable (Private)
Edward Champion (Sergeant)
George Cheslett (Private)
David Collins (Lieutenant)
William Dempsey (Private)
William Dawes (2nd Lieutenant)
Edward Dinger (Private)
Elizabeth Dinger (Wife)
William Dowlan (Private)
Thomas Dukes (Private)
Jonathon Escott (Private)
Isaac Farr (Private)
George Flemming (Private)
James Furzer (1st Lieutenant Quarter Master)
Stephen Gilbert (Private)
Andrew Gilborne (Corporal)
(Rebecca or Margaret) Gilborne (Wife)
John Gowen (Captain)
William Hallam (Private)
Abraham Hand (Private)
Charles Heritage (Private)
Richard Knight (Private)
John Long (2nd Lieutenant)
Patrick McKeon (Private)
William Mitchell (Private)
William Packer (Sergeant)
Jospeh Radford (Private)
Charles Reynolds (Private)
Robert Ross (Major)
Thomas Scott (Private)
Robert Mount Stephens (Drummer)
John West (Drummer)
John Williams (Private)


~ Seamen ~

Thomas Brooks (Bo'sun)
Deborah Brooks (Wife)
John Bryant (Mate)
Stephen Buckley (Yeoman
James Cunningham (Mate)
William Hambley (Carpenter)
James Keltie (Master)
John Livingston (Carpenter)
John Mara (Gunner's Mate)
Frederick Meredith (Baker)
John Parker (Carpenter)
Peter Ross (Gunner)
Daniel Southwell (Mate)
Robert Stephens (Private)
William Tunks (Gimlet Maker)
Robert Watson (Sailmaker)
Peter White (Sailmaker)


~ Able Seamen ~

John Atwell
David Baird
Jonathon Bell
Walter Brody
Daniel Buddle
Terence Burn
Owen Cavanough
Joseph Caldwell
James Coventry
John Drummond
Walter Ellis
Henry Fitzgerald
Thomas Halfpenny
Robert Henderson
Peter Hibbs
John Macneal
William Mitchell
Edward Moore
Robert Morley
James Painter
William Phillips
James Proctor
William Reed
John Shine
Robert Webb
Thomas Webb
William B Westbrook
James Wilson


~ Unknown Positions ~

These people are believed to have been on board the Sirius but their positions are unknown

Mathew Bowes Alt
William Arscot
John Assell
Daniel Bear
Mr G. Bond
Thomas Bullmore
Zachariah Clark
John Clayton
William Collins
John Conway
John Frederick
George Gunn
James Hatherley
John Healey
Joseph Jephries
Charles Kerridge
Samuel King
Micah Morton
Isaac Parr
Charles Reynold
Samuel Rotlen
Mr Seally
Isaac Tarr
Susannah Turner


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