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~ Role Call ~




~ Crew ~

Nicholas Anstis
Mr Ball
Joshua Bentley
Arthur Bowes (also Smyth)
Thomas Bramwell
James Brown
James Campbell (8yo cabin boy)
James Campbell
John Campbell
William Chadwick
Henry Clements
John Clements
Mr Cooper
Thomas Cotrell
Joshua Cowards
William Crudis (also Curtis)
Peter Dargin
Richard Dawson (Ships Boy)
Edward Dease
Joseph Downey
David Duncan (Ships Boy)

John Fisher
Mr Fixton
Richard Floan
William Gunthorpe

Thomas William Jenkinson
George Johnston*

William Marshall

Charles Roach
Alexander Ross
Philip Scriven
William Cropton Sever (Master)
Mr Sisson (Cook)
William Sodwick
Mr Squires
John Theakston
William Twiss

Thomas Wilson
Richard Young

~ Paying Passengers ~

James Smith
John Watts

~ Convicts ~

Mary Abell (alias Tilley)
Esther Abrahams* (alias Julian)
Roseanna Abrahams* (alias Julian - daughter of the above)
Mary Adams
Mary Allen
Mary Allen (alias Connor)
Tamasin Allen (alias Boddington)
John Turnpenny Altree
Martha Baker
Elizabeth Beckford
Sarah Bellamy
Elizabeth Bird (alias Winifred Bird)
Margaret Blades
Mary Boulton
Mary Brenham
Elizabeth Bruce
Sarah Burdo
Martha Burkitt (alias Patience Valentine)
Margaret Burn
Mary Carroll
Mary Cockran (alias Wade)
Elizabeth Cole
Ann Colepitts
John Colethread
Elizabeth Colley
Charlotte Cook
Jane Creek
William Crudis (also Curtis)
Elizabeth Dalton (alias Barley)
Rebecca Davidson
Ann Davis (alias Judith Jones)
Frances Davis
Mary Davis
Sara Davis (alias Ashley)
Ann Dawley (alias Twyfield)
Margaret Dawson
Mary Dickerson
Mary Dicks
Jane Dundas
Anne Dutton

Martha Easton
Elizabeth Evans (alias Jones)
Elizabeth Fitzgerald
Mary Flynn
Mary Founes
Ann Fowles
Mary Fowles
Mary Gamble
Olive Gaskins
Ann George
Dorothy Gray (alias Handland)
Ann and William Green (alias Cowley)
Mary Greenwood
Elizabeth Hall
Sarah Hall (alias Hammond)
Maria Hamilton
Mary and Joseph Harrison
Catherine Hart
Elizabeth Hayward
Elizabeth Henderson (also Anderson)
Frances Henderson (also Anderson)
William Henderson
Jane Herbitt (alias Rose alias Jenny Russell)
Henry Hill
Ann Hinett (also Inett)
Elizabeth Hipsley
Rupert Holmes
Esther Howard
Susannah Huffnell
Mary Humphries

John Irving (alias Anderson alias Law)
Mary Jackson
Elizabeth Jones (alias Osborne)
Jane Jones
Thomas Kelly
Jane Langley
Phillip Langley
Mary Lawrence
Elizabeth Lee
Elizabeth Leonard
Mary Levy
Sophia Lewis
Elizabeth Lock
William Lodwick
Mary Love

Eleanor McCave
Elizabeth Marshall
Mary Marshall
Mary Marshall
Ann Martin
Mary Mitchell
Thomas Mitchell
William Moran
Mary Moulton
Ann Mullins (also Hannah Mullins)
Mary Mullins
Elizabeth Needham
Phebe Norton (alias Knight)
Mary Parker
Sarah Partridge (alias Roberts)
Sarah Perry
Sarah Piles (also Mary Piles)
Ann Powell

Isabella Rawson
Ann Reed
Esther Roberts (alias Jane Jackson)
Ann Sandlin (alias Lynes alias Pattens)
Mary Slater (alias Sarah Slater)
Ann Smith
Catherine Smith
Hannah Smith
Mary Smith
Mary Springham
Charlotte Springmore
Margaret Steward
John Theakston
Ann Thornton
Susannah Trippett
Mary Turner

Ann Ward
Mary Williams
Lucy Wood
Ann Yeates (alias Nancy Yeates)

* Distant Relatives of Mine



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