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a marine shingler of Captain James Merediths company, was a great asset to the early settlement. In July 1788, he was transferred from the Sirius to work on the construction of the Governor's house and the barracks for the officers and marines.

In February 1792, he took up a grant of sixty acres at Norfolk Island, with which he was entitled to 18 months provisions, convict help in clearing half an acre and in building a house - as well as two breeding sows, six hens, and one rooster, four jackets, four waistcoats, four pairs of drawers, four pairs of shoes, four pairs of hose, two hats, four shirts, thread, needles, bed and blankets. When he was capable of supporting and employing convict labourers to advantage, they would be assigned to him.

Nevertheless, Angel left the island in March 1793; in May 1799 he was granted 15 acres at Bankstown, and by 1802 had ten acres under wheat and maize.

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